Trustees Update: Solar Panels and Refrigerator

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Solar Installers

This is just a quick “show and tell” of recent Trustees activity. The solar panel installers are now here and as you can see from the photos they are starting by installing on top of the breeze ways. Not too much to show, yet. 🙂

The refrigerator in the Fellowship Hall Kitchen stopped working this year. This is an American-made commercial “reach-in” fridge that is as much like the previous model as we could find. It looks smaller but it should actually be 4 cubic feet larger on the inside. This one is also on wheels so we can clean under/behind it easier! Let’s hope that it lasts as long as the refrigerator it replaces.

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  1. Carl Morrisn

    Thanks John, for the photos and update. I’m especially interested in the solar panel project and the statistics on the electrical usage/savings once it is finished. We have no need to charge at church, but we are adding another Tesla to our family by our son Matthew.

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