Summer plans could mean earnings for AUMC

Using gift cards for summer plans is a great way for us to get closer to AUMC’s fundraising goals. Earnings on lodging, flights, and more add up, so I invite you to use gift cards from RaiseRight.

Some example travel brands: Southwest 5%, Airbnb 5%, Delta 4%, 6%

Let’s do the math. If you buy one $500 ticket for Delta from RaiseRight then that’s $20 for AUMC without you spending anything extra!

While the best way to earn with scrip is via daily purchases, there is also Father’s Day coming up and don’t forget about summer wedding season! Please find Jim Abeltin or John Duff on any given Sunday to get more details about available choices.

If you would like to talk to your friends that purchase regularly, please talk to Reon Howard, Bob Osborn, Sandie Duff, and Kathy Ramsey to name a few.

Last but not least, please take a look through RaiseRight’s spring gift guide. There’s something for everyone.