“Surviving the Holidays” Gathering 11/16

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Wednesday, 11/16 | 2:30-4pm | AUMC Library

You are invited to join Pastor Jessica Strysko, Pastor MJ Buist, and Lee Ann Orme, M.A., MFT for a conversation around grief and the holiday season. Find practical ways to face this season after the loss of a loved one, and hope that healing will come. We’ll watch a video with stories from people and counselors with wisdom and experience to share, and then we’ll have time for discussion together. Please purchase a ‘Surviving the Holidays: Survival Guide, Grief Share,‘ from the office ahead of that day for $5.00. We will take notes in the book during the video and you’ll have it to use as a resource after the event. 

Please RSVP to Pastor MJ at mjbuist@anaheimumc.org