Thanks to our Minister of Music, John Elg!

With our gratefulness and sadness, we must announce the retirement of our Minister of Music, John Elg. 

John has been a wonderful and encouraging choir director for AUMC for the past four years, and is now seeking more opportunities to travel and spend time with his grandchildren and family. John will remain Minister of Music until such time as a replacement can be found, so in the meantime, please thank John for his talents and dedication. 

Below is a message from John:

Dear AUMC Family, 

I am so grateful to you all for allowing me the privilege and honor of being your music director these past 4 years. Gretchen and I have truly enjoyed your loving, generous, and welcoming spirit.  You, all together, make AUMC a wonderful church. 

But now that I’m pushing 70 and a grandpa, I think the time is right for me to retire from a set schedule.  This decision is very difficult because I love the choir, Pastor James, and all of you so much.  But Gretchen and I would now like freedom and time to travel, while we’re still healthy, and of course visit our kids and granddaughter in Nashville.  We’re not moving there, but would like to do extended trips. 

I am most willing to help SPRC in the process of pursuing your new music director.  My hope is that God will lead you to find the right person by the first of the year.  Thank you all so much! 

John Elg