Troop Box Updates

AUMC has long had a mission of supporting our military persons, both known and unknown to us.  Every Sunday we pray for those in the military that they will be safe and returned to their families as soon as possible.  We pray for Peace throughout the earth so that there will be no more war.  

Another way we have supported the US military  has been to fill boxes with magazines, toiletries, snacks, socks, coffee and other small things requested by chaplains who work with the troops.  

Some time ago, we lost our last contact with a chaplain as the troops pulled out of Afghanistan and other areas of the Middle East.  We know that there are still troops throughout the world and the US who could use small things which we could easily supply to them.  But, we have not been able to connect to anyone for quite some time.  

We are now asking for your help to make contact with a chaplain or other supervisors in the military to find just where we might continue with the mailing of the Troop Boxes.  Maybe you know of some one in the military who might be able to help us get that contact.  If you have such a contact, please contact Cheri Smith at, or by calling or messaging at 714- 225-2952.  You can also reach her at home at 714-636-6952.  Thank you for all your years of supporting this mission!