Trunk or Treat Success & Thank You!

Please see a message and thank you from Donna Vestre below!

To those of you who had a part in making Trunk or Treat a success, I thank you! If you hosted a Trunk I thank you. If you volunteered I thank you. If you baked for the cakewalk I thank you, if you donated candy I thank you. If you were a Grill Master or helped feed the masses I thank you. To the office staff that worked behind the scenes I thank you!

It really does take a village to pull off an event at this caliber and I am so very grateful that AUMC is my village. You never cease to amaze me with your willingness and enthusiasm to get the job done. 

I have researched many of the neighboring fall seasonal events and they offer food like we do—for a “nominal fee.” They hold raffles like we did for “fundraisers” and while this is all well and good it’s AUMC that reaches out and invites with the mindset of offering this as a gift to our community. No charge whatsoever. We give back and we serve our community. We boastfully invite with Open Hearts, Open Minds and Open Doors. That’s Methodism at its finest. 

My heartfelt thanks again and again—and time after time.  I hope you’ll consider joining us again next year!

Donna Vestre