Welcome, Elias Tello!

Welcome Elias Tello! I am elated to announce that on May 4th at 8:23 PM, Elias Tello was born. He is the sweetest and we’re so happy, in love, and thankful to God for him. Thank you all for the support and prayers, which were particularly helpful during labor. Elias and Krystal (mom) are such champs. We are all home now and doing well. We’re getting settled and loving this beginning to our new roles as parents. 

Enjoy some photos of family!

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  1. Rebecca Whitfield

    May God Bless this beautiful family. Enjoy every minute of Elias’s first year. They grow so fast and there will be so many wonderful moments as you watch him grow.

  2. Carl Morrisn

    Congratulations Emelio and Krystal, isn’t childbirth truly a miracle to behold! May God Bless your family of 3. And, thanks for the great photos!

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