Where to Find Carl Morrison’s Worship Photos

You may have seen one of our talented members, Carl Morrison, taking photos on Sunday mornings during worship. If you’ve been looking for those photos, they are regularly uploaded to our church’s Facebook page. 

The link for AUMC’s Facebook page is below. If you already have a profile set up on Facebook, once you click the link you’ll be taken directly to the church’s page. If you don’t have a profile already set up, you’ll be asked to create one, which is a fairly easy process. 

If you’d like assistance in creating a Facebook profile or viewing the photos, please don’t hesitate to contact Molly Robinson at mollyr@anaheimumc.org.

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  1. Carl Morrison

    Molly, Thanks very much for reminding folks about the location of the photos I take on Sunday. Well done.
    Carl Morrison Carl@TrainWeb.com

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