Yum Matcha Tea Donation

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Thank you for your donation!

Yum Matcha Tea made a donation of 40 cases of their tea (860 pounds!). They provided 20 cases of ceremonial matcha green tea strawberry-basil flavor and 20 cases of ceremonial matcha green tea citron lemongrass flavor.

This donation happened based on our relationship with the Second Harvest Food Bank of OC. Michelle reached out to us to ask if we could use the donation. We thought it would be a great thing to hand out to our guests during the Neighbors in Need Pantry distribution day.

Yum Matcha is a local company in Orange, California. Click here to read more about how the business came to be. They focus on natural products and can be found at Gelson’s throughout Southern California or online here.

The Neighbors in Need Pantry is so grateful for the Yum Matcha Tea donation and the continued generosity of the community and partners like Yum Matcha Tea.

Our pantry is always looking for smiling faces that would like to help their community. Click here to join our team of volunteers.

Photo of the donation of 40 boxes of Yum Matcha Tea. They gave us strawberry-basil and citron-lemongrass flavors.
Photo of one of the awesome boxes of Yum Matcha Tea donations.