We reach out. We serve. We invite.

...With the love of Jesus Christ.

During this challenging time, we have found NEW WAYS to worship and serve. We continue to offer online worship opportunities along with once-a-month in-person worship services. Other in-person meetings, events, and gatherings are not occurring at this time. Scroll down to see how AUMC continues to worship and care for each other in response to the COVID-19 pandemic and the Centers for Disease Control guidelines.

Dear Friends and Neighbors

Most of us are not practiced at waiting, and we may not be very good at it! Yet we are called during these times to wait, listen, and hear what God will finally speak out of the silence. Thankfully, we do not wait alone! Please join us, then, for prayer, study, and worship each week.

Anaheim UMC is following the direction of our Cal-Pac Bishop and CDC officials, and we are prepared to practice physical separation for as long as is prudent. Thank you for keeping Anaheim healthy, and for joining us in worship and prayer!

Grace and Peace,

Pastor James Dollins

How AUMC is responding to this health crisis:

In order to maintain our church’s rhythms of weekly prayer and worship, In invite you to join our church in the following weekly rituals during this time of self-quarantine (and no in-person gatherings):

Wednesday Gather Worship @ 7:00 pm – This service is hosted via Zoom. This service includes scripture readings, music to sing along, and discussion time. If you would like to participate please click here to request the link.

Sunday Morning Worship @ 10:00 am – Each Sunday at 10AM we will email the whole church an email with a web-link to download a condensed worship service recorded earlier that week. This service will feature scripture readings, special music offered by our staff singers or Gather musicians, a devotion offered by Pastor James, and songs for you to sing along! You will also find these videos in the MENU>RESOURCES>SERMONS or by clicking here.

Notice that this weekly rhythm also creates a pattern of listening to one another (Thursdays) and proclaiming the message (Wednesdays & Sundays). Even during uncertain times, let us always listen and speak to one another in a spirit of grace and love.

I hope you’ll join us! And, please stay rested and well.

During this time, our staff will continue to work from home and all staff persons are available by email. Click on the name below of the person who you would like to reach and it will open your email client.

James Dollins, Senior Pastor 

Sherry Hanberg, Operations Manager

Lee Strohm, Communications Coordinator & Outreach co-chair

MJ Buist, Diaconal Minister of Children and Seniors

Molly Robinson, Worship Coordinator & Youth Assistant

Dear Members and Friends of AUMC:

First of all God bless you all and thank you for always being so generous. Although the office will be closed due to  COVID-19, I will be checking the mail and the on-line giving each day. We will still have financial obligations to maintain the church and payroll for our staff who will be working from home. Please continue giving your pledges and offerings as you always have.

If you need to call me here is my phone number, 714 336-0620.

Blessings and Love to you all,

Sherry Hanberg

We also know that folks may be struggling financially. If you need a family food box please click here and complete the requested information.

Lunches of Love will continue to be distributed to our homeless brothers and sisters on Thursday from 11:00 am to 1:00 pm. This ministry is in great need at this time.

Have you been self-quarantined because you fall into one of the at risk groups of the COVID-19 health crisis (compromised immune system, 65+ years old, respiratory issues, etc)?

If so, the AUMC Meal & Care Ministry is ready, willing and able to provide you with a home cooked meal, grocery store run, pharmacy pick-up, or regular store run.

If you could use any of the above, please call or text Sandie Duff at 714-767-9578. She will coordinate with the members of the Care Team and someone from the team will call you to make arrangements for a store run or home cooked meal. We are so happy to help keep you as safe as possible during this health crisis. 

If you would like to be a part of this vital ministry, please click this link to review how we serve and on that same page you can click the “join this group” button. 

We are each probably starting to feel some isolation as we asked to observe social distancing. We are encouraging you to commit to reaching to at least one person each day via phone call, text, email, or card/letter. If you need a current contact list for AUMC please email Lee Strohm to get the most current one.

We are a community that worships together and is committed to reaching out, serving and inviting with the love of Jesus Christ.

Anaheim United Methodist Church is an open, welcoming and inclusive church blessed with a diverse community. We believe this diversity makes us stronger and reflects God’s intention of how we are to live with one another. Together we explore and share in the joy of God’s love working in our lives and in the world. You, your family, and friends are always welcome here!

We are all participants in the celebration of God’s love and God’s grace. We are an open and affirming congregation. We affirm that no consideration of race, color, financial status, ethnicity, physical ability, gender identity, or sexual orientation can separate us from the gift of God’s grace.

As we celebrate the bread and the cup of Christ, we are called to be the bread and the cup of of Christ for each other and for all whom we each encounter in our journey. And so, we reach out to all people as we seek to discover and to share God’s unrelenting love.